Cool Stuff Gallery was originally opened in St Petersburg, Florida and sold Mid Century Modern, Retro, and Vintage Home Decor, Lighting, Furnishings, Original Art and Furniture. My love of vintage and art inspired me to open another Cool Stuff Gallery here in downtown Portland, Tennessee, 30 minutes north of Nashville.  Housed in a wonderful old Victorian building.  The gallery carries an eclectic mix of Vintage, Antiques, Original Art,  Re-Purposed Objects, Home Decor and Jewelry. We are always evolving and re- creating new spaces to keep it different and fun.

 About Me
I was never classically trained in the arts but I have always had a passion for design and art objects. I explored many mediums including paint, polymer clay, fabric, metal, wire, plastics, pottery, wall masks, abstract sculptures, modern animals, mobiles, jewelry and wall sculptures.

Please contact us for information whether you are  interested in buying or selling.
We gladly work with dealers, interior designers, artists.

Hope to see you at Cool Stuff Gallery in Downtown Portland, TN.